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December 17th, 2016, University of East Anglia

Keynote Speaker: Ali Smith

This conference will bring together work which interrogates and challenges the dividing line between literature and criticism, as well as critical papers discussing prominent examples of creative-critical writing. Discussing a particular form of this writing, Paul Dawson recently described ‘a textual no man’s land in which a generic intermingling and hybridity takes place’. Whilst there has always been generic intermingling between criticism and literature, it is marked particularly strongly in contemporary writing. Although there has been some critical attention given to both individual practitioners of this writing and their particular hybrid texts, there has been relatively little examination of hybrid writing as a broad tendency. This conference will create a space in which to remedy this.

We are excited to announce the programme for this year’s conference. It includes papers on the poetics of hybrid writing, transatlantic views on hybrid writing, the work of writers such as Anne Carson and David Foster Wallace, and the institutional divide between creative and critical writing.